Amended Topsoil and Premium Garden Soil

Amended Topsoil

Planters Supreme Garden Soil

Planters Supreme Garden Soil


Amended Topsoil - A healthy blend of topsoil and dairy compost.

Packed with nutrients for your general landscaping needs.

Planters Supreme Garden Soil

Planters Supreme Garden Soil

Planters Supreme Garden Soil


A specially blended mix of soils and organic materials for plantings and gardens. This premium soil has lots of essential nutrients that plants need.

Amended Topsoil

This is a wonderful general landscaping soil. A combination of topsoil and compost, full of healthy nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and additional minerals that all plants need to thrive. Organic materials are clearly visible and keep the soil loose, allowing roots to filter through and absorb all those valuable nutrients. The organic materials help retain moisture longer than very sandy soils, which tend to drain quickly.

Landscapers and homeowners utilize this soil as a base to lay new sod over, with amazing results. It's also used for plantings and gardens. Soils in a semi-arid environment, as we have here in Colorado, will be on the alkaline side. Native plants have acclimated to our harsh conditions.  Non-native or sensitive plants may need specialized soil requiring amendments  in order to succeed. Check with your nursery.


Planter's Supreme Garden soil


Our Premium Planting and Garden Soil

Planter's Supreme is a specially blended growing medium with healthy soil, compost, peat and a number of additional ingredients that is packed with nutrients and minerals for the feeding of garden plants.  Loaded with soil biology that will regulate the nutrients in balanced amounts, retains water within the organic matter and drains well.  The nutrients will last for a few years, with approximately 50% absorbed by your plants the first season and reduced amounts over the next couple of years. The soil will remain loose, which the roots of your plants will find easy to thrive in. Any sensitive plants, may need soil adjustments. Although we cannot guarantee results, since many plants need varying soil requirements, the vast majority of customers have had good things to say about their gardens. Check with your nursery for any special plant needs.

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For Deliveries ~ Our tandem dump truck can hold up to 18 yards of Planters Supreme Garden Soil.

We are not a full service landscape yard. If you want to pick up soil, we are out on delivery frequently during the growing season, so call before coming out to coordinate timing to load up your truck or trailer. Saturday mornings are a good time for loading during the season. Please call ahead.

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We are not a full service landscape yard. Pick up of soils by appointment. Call for truck delivery

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